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Common Frog

Scientific Name
Rana temporaria


The commonest UK amphibian and the one most likely to be encountered in garden ponds. Tolerant of a wide range of habitats and altitudes. Usually emerge from hibernation in late February and are most often seen in spring at or near breeding sites. Will spawn in the smallest of puddles and ditches. Range widely from breeding sites outside breeding season. Return to hibernation in October. Lifespan up to 8 years.

6-9cm (2.5-3.5in). Females larger than males.

Distinguishing features

Often occurs at the same sites as Common Toads, from which they can be distinguished by hopping rather than walking gate, less warty skin and a distinctive dark patch behind the eye.

Tadpoles become bronze and speckled as they mature, whereas toad tadpoles remain black.

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Common Frog ©Mark Pollitt

Frogspawn ©Mark Pollitt

Common Frog tadpoles ©Mark Pollitt

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